Damaged Garment Policy


Crash Guarantee

We will remake garments damaged in a crash in the first year after purchase for 50% of the equivalent retail price. 

Considerations for other damaged garments

We want our customers to be happy but as much as we would like to we can’t replace every garment that is damaged through accident, misuse or inadequate care. The only garments that will be replaced are garments with a manufacturing fault. However, we understand it can be disappointing to damage your garment. For garments damaged in the first year after purchase, we will remake that garment for 50% of the equivalent retail price. 

Main Causes of Damage

The following can cause damage:

  1. Age. Eventually a garment will wear out. We consider one year of use as a reasonable life.
  2. Rough Surfaces. All pilling is due to abrasion. Any repetitive rubbing on a garment will cause abrasion and the rougher the surface that the garment is rubbing against the quicker and the more severe the damage. It could be velcro, a bag, a car seat belt, a fuel belt, the bicycle, something on the bike, something in the wash or something else entirely. 
  3. Heat will cause the Lycra/spandex in the fabric to deteriorate. The fabric will lose its ability to stretch and recover and may appear less opaque. Heat can be from direct sunlight; being left in a car boot; or from the washer or dryer.
  4. Chemicals. The fabric will look “moth eaten” and patchy. The most common chemical damage is from chlorine or strong detergents and fabric softeners. All our fabrics have silver ions to stop bacterial action and most of the time can therefore be rinsed in cold water after use. Every now and again the garment can be hand washed with gentle detergent and drip dried in the shade.
  5. Lotions. Sun screen and other creams can damage the garment especially when combined with perspiration. Perspiration transports these lotions from the skin to the fabric.
  6. Excessive stretching or stress. If a garment is severely stretched and in particular in areas where rubbing occurs the fabric will wear quicker than normal. If the garment is subjected to severe stress and particularly over a seam or zip it can rip or tear.

Our garments are researched and designed to help athletes perform better. This sometimes requires sophisticated fabrics which can be delicate and therefore require a high standard of care. Many of our most delicate fabrics provide athletes with many years of service if properly cared for. All fabrics are tested for durability at 30,000 revolutions on a Martingdale test. 

However, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to appreciate how fine the garments are. Our policy is to remake any garment less than one year old that is damaged by rough surfaces, heat or chemicals for 50% of the equivalent retail price. We require a photo that clearly shows the damage. 

The new garment has to be treated differently.  If the replacement garment is treated the same as the original; the same thing will happen again. 


We can’t repair garments. However, we are happy to sublimate a small piece of fabric for customers to use as a patch. Where zips are damaged, we are also happy to supply zips for customers to get fitted themselves.


We understand that customers sometimes feel that their argument is stronger if they claim that the garment has only been used once, has only been hand washed in cold water, has never been in chlorine and that an acquaintance has experienced the same problem. However, even if these things are true, any damage to a garment suggests that something has gone wrong. Although our garments are very delicate, they have been tried and tested by many athletes and will last with proper care. 

We understand it can be disappointing to damage your suit. However, we will not tolerate disrespectful, rude or aggressive behaviour towards our staff. 


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