Women's Cycling Jerseys

Scody Women’s Cycling Jerseys

Wearing proper women’s cycling jerseys can make all the difference in your performance and comfort levels when you’re out on your bicycle. They are even more critical for competitive cycling.

 Thankfully, Scody is your one-stop brand for everything cycling jerseys in Australia.

Why Should You Buy Women's Cycling Jerseys From Scody?

At Scody, we’re committed to providing our customers with top value for their money. So, we leverage over 20 years of extensive research and innovation every time we create a cycling jersey in Australia.

Quality materials and fabrics are ethically sourced, and we ensure they remain to be the highest quality in market. As a result, we can assure you of high-end performance and comfort with every Scody cycling jersey you buy.

Our inclusivity is also one of our finer points.

With Scody, your size range does not matter. We can make to order so that your women’s cycling jersey is to your specific size. So, that’s goodbye to oversize and overly constricting jerseys and hello to perfectly sized garments.

Finally, when you shop with Scody, we do more than provide you with high-end women’s bicycle jerseys. With our SCODY Rewards customer loyalty program, you can earn points from each purchase or referral and use them as a discount for future orders.

Why Should You Invest in a Cycling Jersey?

No doubt, wearing an optimised professional jersey when you’re on your bicycle can give you a professional look. But there’s more to these jerseys than their aesthetic benefits.

Here are some benefits of acquiring cycling jerseys:

Sweat Management & Thermoregulation

When it comes to cycling, regular t-shirts and shorts do not cut it. They are usually not as breathable, retain too much heat, and will get heavier as they soak up sweat.

On the other hand, our women’s cycling jerseys feature sweat-wicking technology that absorbs sweat and pushes it to the surface of the clothing. This way, it can dry much faster and aid thermoregulation.

Check out our Violet Loop Performance Cycling Jersey, thermoregulated, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric.

Anti-Microbial properties

The fabrics we use at Scody have anti-microbial properties so that you remain fresh. Even after a long ride the fabrics will not have unpleasant odours.

Fitting and Elasticity

Poor-fitting clothes can cause several issues, from getting caught in parts of your bike to entangling in bushes and causing air drag. Thankfully, our cycling jersey provides the right t fit that improves your aerodynamics and prevents entanglement issues while providing you with a comfortable range of motion.

Weather Adaptability

Generally, it is almost impossible to predict the weather with 100% certainty, and it’s no different in Australia. So, why not look at our sun sleeves, jackets, and wind vests? Or check out our long sleeve summer weight cycling jerseys to help protect you from the sun Our Space Gradient Optimise Cycling Jersey is an excellent option here.

Key Factors to Consider When Picking Your Women's Cycling Jersey

Not every cycling jersey is right for you. So, how do you select the best women’s cycling jersey for you?

Here are some factors you should consider:

 ●    Type of Cycling Jersey: At Scody, we offer our customers women’s cycling clothing in three categories — casual, performance, and professional. So, you need to consider your cycling regimen before making your choice.

●    Size and Sleeve Options: Another factor you need to consider is the size and fit of your jersey. How tight do you want your jersey to be? Also, do you prefer long sleeve cycling jerseys or short sleeves?


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