Men's Triathlon

Men's Triathlon Clothing

Optimised and aerodynamic triathlon clothing will be your x-factor to improved race times and edging out your competition, whilst feeling comfortable under all conditions.

Our men's tri clothing collection caters for elite and casual competitors, perfectly matching and aligning to  our vision of being an Australian performance brand which is inclusive of all.

Explore our impressive collection of tri suits online today, and take advantage of flexible payment options, including Afterpay, in addition to free shipping over $75. 

Tips When Purchasing Men's Tri Clothing

Knowing that you need specialised men's triathlon suits is only the first step to improving your triathlon racing performance. The next step is choosing and buying the right suit.

There are several considerations you want to make when picking your triathlon gear:

●     A one-piece or a two-piece triathlon suit

●    A sleeveless or short sleeve triathlon suit

●    The fit of the tri suit

●    Which leg of the triathlon is most important for your event and distance: swim, bike or run

One-Piece vs. Two-piece Triathlon Suits: Differences and Advantages

As the name implies, a one-piece tri suit comprises only one garment, while the two-piece combines triathlon shorts and a triathlon top to form your triathlon clothing.

The primary difference between both options is the ease and speed of bathroom breaks. While you can easily take off your shorts for quick bathroom breaks if you’re wearing a two-piece, a one-piece can be more difficult. Explore our popular one-piece Ocean Performance tri suits to learn about the benefits of our suits.

Sleeveless vs. Sleeved Tri Suits

We also offer our customers men's triathlon suits in another two variants — sleeved and sleeveless.

The most critical advantage of sleeved triathlon gear is that they offer better protection against sunburn and their aerodynamic properties are enhanced to help optimise your performance in the bike leg. This is a key consideration on race day.  A popular men's sleeved tri suit includes our Hot Mess Plum suit, which is on sale. Sleeved suits are also available with a zip through top half making nature breaks easier.

Overall, our race suits are excellent to allow for quick transitions, and are made from the highest quality, technically fabrics worn by athletes and competitors across all ages and performance levels.

The Fit of the Tri Suit

Generally, the tighter your triathlon gear is, the better. However, it should be comfortable and not be too constricting. Remember, your tri suits should be tight-fitting, not uncomfortable.

Contact our team for world class advice on tri suit fitting and sizing, bespoke to your needs. 

Pro tip? When you buy a new men's triathlon suit, try simulating your race positions — cycling, running and swimming — to see if they allow for good movement.

Top Features of our Men's Triathlon Clothing

It does not matter if you’re an elite triathlon athlete or a recreational triathlete, our men's triathlon clothing will give you the best balance between performance and comfort!

Our Australian made triathlon suits are made from the very best globally sourced fabrics to develop the high performance garments that are our impressive collection of tri suits.

You should also note that our triathlon gear offers a choice of garments suitable for short distances and long distances and are manufactured to align with your training plans and competitive goals. Triathlon garments are optimised for swimming performance, aerodynamics and comfort.

But, don’t just don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the features you get to enjoy when you wear Scody triathlon gear:

●    An excellent combination of performance and comfort through tapered collars and low-profile zip covers

●    Our sleeve tri suits have an SPF rating of 50+, which can come in handy against the Australian sun

●    Opaque when wet through the recycled askin yarns used in our X-Opaque fabric.

●    Moisture wicking and quick drying fabrics

●    Excellent breathability

●    Cool comfort through cold black treatment on our Pro Hydra Dura fabric.

●    High compression fabrics around your quads to ensure smooth blood flow

●    Matchless aerodynamics that reduces air drag and amplifies your power

●    Antimicrobial properties

The best part?

Our men's triathlon clothing designs are tested by elite athletes and recreational athletes to ensure they are up to the mark. Experience 20 years of research and development in every tri suit.

Fun fact? We also let our customers customise their tri suits through our Design Your Own resource!

So, why wait? Reach out to us at Scody, and let’s get you fitted for your next triathlon.


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