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Great Designs from Your Ideas 

Let us design your garment. Our design team will help you turn your ideas into fantastic garments that make you and your team look good and feel good. Please email us your thoughts and logo and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. 
We take great pride in our ability to create unique garments that reflect your requirements.

Simple or Complex 

No job is too simple or too tough to tackle. We can print the whole spectrum of colour, print complex halftones, fade colours, saturate colours and reproduce photos on fabric for any garment. Alternatively, you may prefer your logo screen printed or embroidered on our extensive range of standard garments.

File Formats for Communicating Ideas 

Our art department is able to accept a wide variety of files and graphics to incorporate into the design (for example Corel Draw, Illustrator, and Photoshop). Our program of preference is Corel Draw.

Web images, such as .jpg, .gif, or other low-resolution bitmap type files are not suitable for printing but can be a good way for you to communicate your ideas to us.

More Technical Information 

The SCODY Art Department is a PC based environment. Our program of preference is Corel Draw or Illustrator. We can accept files created in Photoshop, Acrobat Reader or Word. Corel Draw, Illustrator, or other vector-based files should have all fonts outlined or converted to curves.
All logos should be supplied with PMS colours. If you don’t know the PMS colour we can work from a colour swatch or a printed example. Photoshop and other pixel-based logos should be 300 dpi or better. Web images, such as .jpg, .gif, or other low-resolution bitmap type files are not suitable for printing. Additional art time may be required to recreate or clean up images like these.
Email is our preferred method of receiving your artwork. If you are e-mailing files, please use uncompressed files if possible to avoid corruption. If your file is bigger than 10MB the best approach is to use a file sharing service.

Additional Charges For Design

Our aim is to create a design that you are delighted with. We do however understand that some requirements evolve over time, are more complex or more time-consuming. If your design falls into this category we are happy to help but need to charge additional design fees. Examples of situations which take more time are:

Logos – If you supply a high-resolution image we can quickly incorporate this in the design. If you are only able to supply a low-resolution image we have to create your logo from scratch and this takes time.

Colours – If you can specify the PMS number for each colour we can precisely match the colours efficiently. If we have to work through a pallet of colours with you it can take time. 
If your design will involve additional time we will let you know. Our standard rate for design services is $150 per hour.

Changes – 
Sometimes it takes many designs and concepts to find the one that is right for you. Our service includes up to three changes. If there are more than 3 changes there is a charge of $100 per change

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