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Whether you are riding extreme distances or short distances the quality of cycle shorts or cycling bib shorts will determine whether you stay comfortable or not. Experienced cyclists appreciate a chamois that minimizes chaffing, remains dry and continues to absorb shock even after many hours in the saddle. If you want to become an avid cyclist, wearing regular shorts on your rides just won’t meet your performance and comfort needs. Instead, you need to invest in dedicated women's cycling shorts and bibs.

 Not to worry, Scody is your one-stop for high-quality cycling shorts and more in Australia.

Why Should You Buy Women's Cycling Shorts?

Most cyclists will agree that investing in cycling shorts and bibs is worthwhile. But why is this?

Here are some of the advantages of wearing women's cycling shorts as you ride your bike:

Better than standard shorts

Aside from being a better fit, women's cycling shorts will provide significantly more comfort for you while you’re out on your bicycle. Most importantly, padded bike shorts reduce the pressure on your perineum — the sensitive area between your buttocks and genitals. This way, you can go on longer rides without worrying about soreness.

Check out our Scody Women's Performance Shorts, with a patented Laser-cut and of multi-density open-cell construction foam design to improve comfort as you ride.


The fabrics of our women's cycling bibs and shorts feature moisture-wicking technology that absorbs your sweat and sends it to the top of the clothing, thereby helping you stay dry. On the other hand, regular shorts will soak sweat and become heavier.

Muscle compression

Muscle compression is another benefit of our women's cycling shorts. Since these shorts are tight-fitting and elastic, you enjoy the benefits of muscle compression — fewer muscle vibrations and less soreness — as you ride.

More aerodynamic

Our women's cycling shorts also improve your cycling aerodynamics as their body-hugging design causes less air drag. As a result of these streamlining, you can go faster while expending less energy.

Better range of motion

Our women's cycling bibs and shorts strike a delicate balance between form-fitting and elasticity. In other words, while the shorts provide a skin-tight fight, it also ensures you remain flexible enough to carry out the range of motion you need for cycling.

See our Coldblack, Silicon-grip, performance cycling bib, with compressive moisture-wicking 250gsm Pro Hydra Dura and excellent stretch and recovery capabilities within the Dynamic Mesh upper body.

How to Choose the Right Cycling Shorts

You’ll likely spend significant time wearing your cycling outfit. Therefore, it is best to acquire cycling shorts that meet your comfort and performance needs.

Here’s a quick guide to picking the best women's cycling shorts for you:


As a rule of thumb, women's cycling bibs and shorts of higher quality will typically be more expensive than less-quality versions. However, this is not to say that more affordable short options are not functional.


Panels in cycle shorts are flexible moulds that contour them to ensure it fits your body curvature perfectly, even when you bend over your bike. Generally, cycling shorts have at least four panels. However, some shorts may have as many as 12 panels.


Chamois is the padding on cycling shorts. All chamois are not equal, so they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. So, pick padded cycling shorts that work for you.


Your inseam determines the length of your cycling shorts. Do you prefer cycling shorts that extend to just about your knee? Or you’re a triathlete that prefers short inseams for increased comfort and performance through various events.

The Differences Between Cycling Bib Shorts and Cycling Shorts

Here are the top differences you should note:

 ●    Bib shorts have shoulder straps that keep the chamois in place even throughout the rigorous movements of your cycling.

●    Bib shorts eliminate waist bands, which may mean more comfort as nothing digs into your back or constricts your waist when you bend.

●    On the other hand, regular cycling shorts will provide more freedom as you don’t have to take off your entire outfit to remove them.

That said, your final decision between a cycling bib and shorts depends on your preference and requirements

Purchase our bicycle shorts online today. Enjoy Afterpay on all retail orders, made to order Australian performance apparel, Scody Rewards points, free shipping over $75 on all retail orders plus more.


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