The best way you can help us to deliver exactly want you want is to spend some time checking your order in detail. To help you do this we have listed some things for you to consider.


Please check quantities and prices and please check that there is a sheet for each style in the order, reflecting style quantities and designs.


Please check:

  • The style description - Make sure that this accurately reflects the garment you anticipate
  • The delivery Address – This is crucial as it can take significant time to locate and redirect orders delivered to the wrong address.
  • Contact person and phone number – this will be used for delivery
  • Delivery Date – We deliver on time against this date
  • For re-orders please check that the design number is the same as your previous order.
  • The design – this is so important we have devoted the next section to it


Some cautions and things to note about colours:

  • If colour matching is crucial for you please request a print on fabric for a small charge of $100. This is the only way to be 100% certain. This does take additional time and the delivery date will move out. At SCODY we have advanced colour management systems and maintain a customer history. We also stay ahead with software, ink, paper and printers and this means there will always be slight shifts in colour. Colour will generally vary slightly between different fabrics depending on the composition and texture of the fabric.
  • If you are familiar with the pantone matching system and have access to a PMS book then the PMS number specified on the design concept is a good but not exact representation of the colour. The PMS number refers to the colour produced on coated paper by an offset press. The colour on fabric is different.
  • At SCODY we use sophisticated graphics systems, innovative optical scanning and advanced automatic cutting systems and we print exactly the right size for every garment. We therefore scale the design proportionately across sizes. On the smaller sizes logos can also be small. Please let us know if you want constant sizing of logos across the size range.
  • Remember your design concept is only a picture on a computer screen or on printed paper. Your monitor or printer can yield colours which are different to the actual colours. We therefore use pms charts as guide to the actual colour. Bear in mind that the image portrayed is for a medium garment and the actual garments will be in different sizes and may therefore look a little different.

Please check the following on your design concept - we suggest you review the design on the screen so that you can zoom in and see the detail better.

  • The garment style
  • Logos
  • Logo size is correct
  • Logo position is correct – if a logo crosses a seam or zip there can be distortions. If you have no tolerance for distortion please accept a design where the logo does not cross seams or zips
  • Logo elements and text
  • PMS colours for logo
  • Colours
  • Generally – do they look right and has the right pms colour been quoted
  • Is the zip colour correct
  • Is the thread colour correct
  • Text – is the spelling correct
  • Web URL’s – is the spelling and domain correct

Once again: If colour matching is crucial for you please request a print on fabric. This is the only way to be 100% certain. This does take additional time and the delivery date will move out.



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