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Frenchie and Pastel Blue REVERSIBLE Fabric Face Mask - Multi Use

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Made to order: batched Mondays, dispatched in 5 business days.

Reversible Mask - Frenchie / Pastel Blue reversible mask - both sides of mask shown in images. Reuseable Two Layered Polyester Fabric Mask with opening to allow for insertion of filter between fabric layers (filters not supplied). Please read Product Description before purchase.

MASK SIZE GUIDE ~Measure straight line from bridge of nose to bottom of chin: 

Under 9cmSmall
Over 10cmLarge

PERSONAL PROTECTION PRODUCT - Please read before purchase

  • This Face Mask is a reuseable mask for personal protection only.
  • It comprises two layers of fabric, and allows for the insertion of a filter between the layers (filter not supplied with product).
  • Please note this is not a medical grade mask, and has not been tested or certified.
  • When using without a filter benefits may include helping to contain a cough or sneeze, and it may assist wearers in remembering not to touch their face.
  • The mask may be washed and re-used multiple times - see below for Warnings and Care Instructions, and the fabric has anti-microbial properties.
  • Elastic earloops are provided oversized to allow you to customise the fit. See below for Wearing Tips. 

SCODY are a sportswear manufacturer and we have approached the mask from that viewpoint - we aim to make you look as good as it is possible to look wearing a mask in some of our cool designs.


Masks are also available to be customised for your company or team. If you are interested in ordering masks with your own design and branding please send an enquiry to [email protected] The minimum order is 20 units.  

WEARING TIPS: (see Attachments for downloadable fitting instructions)

  • In Australia, most of us us are not used to wearing masks so you will need to wear the mask for a while to get used to the feel. 
  • To personalise the fit for you, tie a knot in the ear loops, making sure the knot is at the bottom underneath the ear, rather than behind the ear.
  • Wash the mask frequently (see below for care instructions)  - after removing any filters you may have inserted into the mask.
  • If you wear glasses ensure that your glasses are placed over the top of the mask on the bridge of your nose and this should help prevent fogging.


Personal Protection product only. This product may not be returned so choose carefully.

·         Limited particle filtration - to improve filtration capabilities use with an externally sourced and certified filter (not supplied). There is an opening in the side of the mask for insertion of a filter

·         Non sterile - Wash before first use on hot (more than 60 degrees – less than 95 degrees)

·         Wash after every use on hot (more than 60 degrees – less than 95 degrees)

·         If you are using externally sourced filters remove filter before washing

·         Limited Life – this product will be affected by hot washing and this is expected. Colours will fade and ear loop will deteriorate


  • Wash your hands frequently with soap
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Stay a safe distance away from others
  • Follow your local social distancing guidelines

Product Details


Sep 20, 2020
Very disappointed
Purchased 4 masks, were on the expensive side in comparison to others, but was happy to try them. Had waited weeks for them to arrive, only to be told due to high demand there would be an even longer delay. Understood the situation particularly given they were made to order, but given what I spent I expected a higher quality. It was immediately obvious that whoever sewed them was clearly in a rush. I ordered 4 large, but the blue one I got was medium. The blue also has bright orange fabric not cut off running down the centre seam. The yellow one was sewn so badly that it doesn’t line up on your face properly. The white fabric in the inside is larger than the fabric on the outside, causing it to buckle. The excess hangs underneath the chin or over the nose. Looks nothing like the picture, terribly made & very disappointing for the price.


Aug 1, 2020
Purchased sizes S, M and L to suit my three family members and very pleased to say they all fitted perfectly! Thank you Scody!!! Smart and comfortable!

IP: 2600:6c5e:2980:e8:9d84:6006:fd49:53b0

Jul 30, 2020
face mask
Fabulous mask, comfortable and fun

IP: 2600:6c5e:2980:e8:9d84:6006:fd49:53b0

Jul 30, 2020
Face mask
Fantastic mask, comfortable to wear, and easy to wash


Jul 30, 2020
Black mask
Bought two large Black masks excellent fit and very comfortable great quality product would definitely recommend them
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