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Clothes for a Cause

Posted on2 Month ago 97
Clothes for a Cause

Throughout the years, SCODY have supported many causes as part of our effort to give back to the community that supports us.

As we all know, many athletes train to raise money for reasons that are close to their heart and we want to continue to support them to achieve this. This is why we are now introducing “Clothes for a Cause” and partnering with not-for-profits, charities, local artists and other worthy causes to raise funds for our needed community.

Although we have been supporting many causes over the years, our “Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary” collaboration was our first official ‘Clothes for a Cause’ release. Partnering with an Australian Designer, a unique kit was created and put out to our community with ten percent of proceeds from sales going back to supporting the “Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.” 

Below is the uniquely Australian design used for the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital collaboration. We can’t wait to see this incredible jersey design out on the road soon! Unfortunately this design isn't available for sale any longer, but we will have a new design on the market soon!

Currumbin Wildlife Jersey

From this release, we have learnt that our community also value supporting a good cause. Knowing this we are only looking to grow our collaborations, to support more causes in a unique way and provide further support to our community.

Community is one of our company's core values and something that we strive to achieve within our South-East QLD locale, where we produce all of our gear in our Brisbane factory. We also love to utilise and showcase talented local designers and artists. So please, jump on the page and take a look at awesome kit, that also gives back, as part of our “Clothes for a Cause” campaign.

Do you know a cause worthy of a kit? Let us know and we can work on a collaboration to help give back.

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