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At Home Workout for Swimmers

Posted on5 Month ago 299
At Home Workout for Swimmers

During the coronavirus lockdown restrictions it can be tough to keep active without the support of your fitness community. But don’t worry, SCODY is here to keep you motivated and help you stick to your fitness goals. We want to help you maintain the same level of cardiovascular and muscular exertion you’d normally achieve from outside training with our structured at home workouts. We’ve devised a temporary solution for triathletes, cyclists, swimmers or runners - as part of our ‘replacement workouts’ series.

Today we’ll be focussing on a home workout with minimal equipment, specifically designed to target the muscles we’d usually be working whilst doing a moderate to high intensity swimming session, either at a lap pool or in the ocean, whilst also burning a whole lot of calories and working to improve our cardiovascular fitness.

The structure is simple: 8 different exercises (using minimal or no equipment), performed back to back in a circuit.

At Home Workout For Swimmers

1. Jumping Lunges x 30 seconds  |  Easier Alternative: Alternating reverse lunges.

2. Banded Straight Arm “Pull Downs” x 15 repetitions  |  Easier Alternative: Straight arm push backs with cans.

3. Mountain Climbers x 30 seconds  |  Easier Alternative: Slow Mountain Climber steps.

4. Straight Leg Abdominal Kicks x 15 repetitions  |   Easier Alternative: Abdominal Bicycle Kicks x 15 repetitions.

5. Superman Swimmer Exercise x 15 repetitions  |  Easier Alternative: Superman Raises x 15 repetitions.

6. Weighted Russian Twists x 30 seconds  |  Easier Alternative: Unweight Russian Twists x 30 seconds.

7. Speedy Push Ups x 30 seconds  |  Easier Alternative: Knee Push Ups x 30 Seconds

8. Knee Elevated Crunch x 15 reps  |  Easier Alternative: Bodyweight Crunch x 15 reps

Once the circuit is complete you can take a rest for as long as you require (or not at all), before launching back into that same circuit. You can repeat the circuit a minimum of 5 times (for a less intense workout) and up to a maximum of 20 (for a super high intensity experience). Feel free to chop and change as necessary, take more breaks if you need them, and always challenge yourself - but never try and push beyond what you know your limits to be.

There’s no way to truly replace the feeling of doing laps in an olympic pool or in the ocean, but this workout should provide you with everything you need to build your fitness, tone your body, and help improve your swimming specific skills and goals.

Remember to check out last week’s workout - Cycling Replacement Bodyweight Workout - and feel free to drop us a message or an email if there’s other workouts you’d like us to demonstrate.

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