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Self Isolation Exercises for Cyclists

Posted on6 Month ago 475
Self Isolation Exercises for Cyclists

As of early April 2020, leaving the house for a period of planned physical exertion or exercise is still considered an essential activity, but unsurprisingly many of us are still opting to forgo any exercise program that requires us to leave the safety of their homes. This leaves avid cyclists in a particularly unfortunate circumstance - as cycling is not something that can ever be performed inside without costly home equipment, like bike-specific treadmills or a stationary cycling cardio machine. So what is a cyclist to do if we’re not comfortable leaving the house for our daily or weekly jaunts around the block, track or park?

Here at SCODY we’ve devised a plan!

We’re all about activity, community and self improvement. And just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to give up on these things. 

That’s why we’ve created this bodyweight based exercise circuit designed specifically to mimic the muscular recruitment and extended cardiovascular output of a moderate cycle, say, around the block or to and from work. You can repeat this as many times or as few times as you like - depending on your desired level of exertion - but the recommendation is a minimum of 5 times and upwards of 20! Use this routine as a way to get active and set goals for self improvement. Particularly for beginners, we’ve included some alternatives to use if you’re just getting started or are unsure about your skill level!

These exercises should be done immediately after one another with minimal rest between them. They can be done anywhere, at any time - and all you need is a small space to work and (preferably) a yoga or exercise mat for floor based exercises. Feel free to chop and change this circuit to your liking - you can rest between exercises for a less intense workout, you could add a set of push ups and resistance band rows for some upper body recruitment, or you could even slow the circuit right down and use it as a basic morning ‘warm up and wake up’ routine. 

Lastly, why not get some friends involved and challenge each other to keep your fitness up during these challenging times! While we can’t be in a group setting, why not set up a video group chat and all do the work outs together!?

Self Isolation Exercises for Cyclists

1. Jumping Squats  |  Beginners: Bodyweight or “air” squat.

2. Sprinters Lunge x 10 reps per side, alternating   |  Beginners: Alternating Lunges

3. High Knees for 30 seconds  |  Beginners: On the spot light jog.

4. Star Jumps for 30 seconds  |  Beginners: Alternating half star jumps.

5. Sit Ups x 15 reps  |  Beginners: ‘Hand to knee’ crunches.

6. Mountain Climbers for 30 seconds  |  Beginners: Alternating knee tucks.

7. Glute Raises x 30 seconds  |  Beginners: Glute Bridge Hold

REPEAT (rest between rounds as needed)

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