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SCODY NETBALL TIPS: How To Shoot Accurately In Netball

Posted on6 Year ago 773
SCODY NETBALL TIPS: How To Shoot Accurately In Netball

Shooting is the make or breaks component of netball. This is where the points are scored and a good aim can make all the difference. Only the Goal Shooter (GS) and Goal Attack (GA) are able to score for the team so if you play one of these positions these SCODY netball tips may be just what you need in order to take your netball shooting to that next level. 

Ignore other players

The biggest mistake the GA or GS can make is to focus on the other players and the crowd around them. This is the time to focus in on what you need to do to make the ball go into the ring. Mentally try to shut out the noise of other players and just breath and prepare to take the shot. 


Visualizing the shot going in is what many of the top netball players do in order to mentally prepare before taking the actual shot. This helps you to focus and relax as well as to shut out any distractions. 

It’s all in the wrist

When releasing the ball try and put some backspin on the ball so that if it hits the back of the ring it will spin back in or at least stay in play.  Watch any great GA or GS when they go for goal and they almost always use this tactic. 

Stay balanced

Keeping a solid footing with equal weight distribution on each leg will help in making sure you are ready to shoot. Use your legs to help push the ball upwards and follow the shot with your hands. 

Be ready 

If your shot at goal misses and bounces off stay ready for this second chance at goal. This second chance may but just what you need to get that shot in so stay ready and focused. 


Like any good skill, practice makes perfect. 1 hand shooting at goal during training will help you get better and dial in your perfect shot. Try mixing it up between your left and right hand then go back to shooting with two hands and see the difference accuracy for yourself. Have a friend act as a defender to try and distract you from that added pressure. 

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